Making Designer Babies Was Supposed to Be Just Like Shopping for Seeds

Fears over "designer babies" were common long before we understood the science of genetics well enough to actually produce them. For many, the idea of predetermining a child's eye color or trying to influence their intelligence or athletic prowess through genetics is the very definition of dystopia. It probably… »11/21/13 3:09pm11/21/13 3:09pm


Marriage 100 Years From Now (1933)

In the year 1933 physician Ira S. Wile made some wild predictions about what marriage would look like 100 years in the future. And although it's not yet 2033, we can still be thankful that his predictions for our world just 22 years from now were wildly off the mark. »4/06/11 4:27am4/06/11 4:27am

Dr. Wile imagined a bureau of records under… »4/06/11 4:27am4/06/11 4:27am

Crime Will No Longer Exist in 2007 (1907)

»11/10/09 8:41pm11/10/09 8:41pm

You know what's awesome about living in the future? Not having to worry about crime of any kind. »11/10/09 8:41pm11/10/09 8:41pm

The March 17, 1907 Washington Post ran a piece from the Chicago Tribune titled "How Our Progeny Will Live One Hundred Years From Now." An excerpt, which imagines a world where crime is extremely rare, appears below. »11/10/09 8:41pm11/10/09 8:41pm

I… »11/10/09 8:41pm11/10/09 8:41pm

Problems with Eugenics (1967)

A few months back we looked at a clip from the February 26, 1967 episode of CBS's 21st Century. The episode includes an interview with James Bonner, who advocated for human eugenics in the future. »5/19/08 12:17am5/19/08 12:17am

Today, we have a clip of the retort by Harrison Brown, who raises questions about whether eugenics is as "common sense" as… »5/19/08 12:17am5/19/08 12:17am