Glenn Beck Is Making a Movie About Edison and Tesla

Former Fox News TV personality Glenn Beck is really sick of talking about politics. So what rustles his jimmies these days? The mythologized feud between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. Beck even has a movie in production about Edison that he hopes will "expose the truth" about this "bad man." » 3/10/14 10:33am 3/10/14 10:33am

The Best Books of 2013

Gizmodo's "Best Books of 2013" list has just been posted and includes three contributions from your humble blogger of all things retrofuture. Included on my list is the new Nikola Tesla biography by W. Bernard Carlson. It really is the best Tesla biography ever written and avoids the hero worship that has unfortunately… » 12/16/13 3:20pm 12/16/13 3:20pm

This Week in Time Capsules: Nikola Tesla Statue Rises in Silicon Valley

Our weekly round-up of time capsule news includes a group of kids in Ohio who sealed an Xbox into a capsule, the tragic story of a recently unearthed time capsule from 2003 that didn't fare too well, and a new Tesla monument in Silicon Valley that includes some predictions for the world of 2043. » 12/13/13 2:00pm 12/13/13 2:00pm

Making Nikola Tesla a Saint Makes Us All Dumber

Mike Rugnetta over at the PBS Idea Channel has an interesting video about how popular history is made. Specifically, our popular understanding of the late inventor (and internet folk hero) Nikola Tesla. He argues that there are essentially two Teslas: The historical Tesla who did things like promote eugenics, and had… » 9/13/13 2:07pm 9/13/13 2:07pm

Why Is There No Footage of Nikola Tesla Online?

The internet's Nikola Tesla obsession is in full force. There's Tesla fanfic, endless blog posts rediscovering the great inventor, and of course, Matthew Inman's tremendously popular webcomic about the man. But curiously, there's one crucial thing missing: Any digitized film of Tesla. » 8/06/13 4:25pm 8/06/13 4:25pm

Where the Future Came From: A Trip Through the 1893 Chicago World's Fair

What would you do if you had a time machine? Go watch the ancient Egyptian pyramids being built? Hang out with Jesus and turn some water into wine? Kill Hitler, maybe? These are all, no doubt, noble endeavors. But I've often said—and I stand by this—that if I had a time machine, I'd go visit the 1893 World's Fair in… » 7/12/13 12:32pm 7/12/13 12:32pm

NYC Nikola Tesla Exhibit Opens Tomorrow, In Time For His 157th Birthday

A new exhibit dedicated to the work of Nikola Tesla opens tomorrow at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. Called Tesla’s Wonderful World of Electricity, this homage to the late inventor was assembled with help from the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia. Why tomorrow? Because July 10th is Tesla's birthday, and … » 7/09/13 4:40pm 7/09/13 4:40pm

Nikola Tesla the Eugenicist: Eliminating Undesirables by 2100

Interest in the life of legendary inventor Nikola Tesla has seen a tremendous resurgence in the past two decades. And with good reason. The man was a genius who was able to take so many of the ideas swirling around in the 19th century ether and turn them into fantastic new inventions — both real and imagined. Tesla's… » 11/16/12 1:29pm 11/16/12 1:29pm