This Weird Household Machine Was the Future of Voting in 1945

Some day a President of the United States may be elected "electronically." This sentence wouldn't look out of place in any news story from 2014, despite quotes around the word "electronically." But believe it or not, that prediction comes from a magazine article in 1945. » 6/10/14 3:20pm 6/10/14 3:20pm

How We Imagined the Internet Before the Internet Even Existed

In a few years, men will be able to communicate more effectively through a machine than face to face. Sounds obvious today. But in 1968, a full year before ARPANET made its first connection? It was downright clairvoyant. » 5/22/13 3:34pm 5/22/13 3:34pm

Media Room of the Future (1979)

The Electronic Home (circa 1988)

Ameritech's (late 1980s) concept video The Electronic Home envisions the futuristic world of HDTV and videophone, as well as internet-like services that allow you to make restaurant reservations (at a cartoonishly stereotypical Italian restaurant), shop for kimonos (because your shirt is made of giant playing cards),… » 2/26/09 12:36am 2/26/09 12:36am

Computer Games of the Future (1981)

This holographic computer game of the future is from the 1981 book Tomorrow's Home by Neil Ardley. » 4/02/08 10:59pm 4/02/08 10:59pm

The caption explains, "A home computer game of the future has solid images of spaceships that move in midair. These are holographic images produced by laser beams. The game is played with other people who also sit at… » 4/02/08 10:59pm 4/02/08 10:59pm

Home Entertainment of the Future (1981)

GTE's Classroom of the Future (1987)

Electronic Shopping (1983)

Terry R. Hiller wrote an article titled "Going Shopping in the 1990s" for the December, 1983 issue of The Futurist magazine. Mr. Hiller was understandably skeptical of the prospect of electronic shopping. However, many of the things he asserted would not come to pass did indeed happen. » 7/27/07 11:12am 7/27/07 11:12am

An excerpt appears below, along… » 7/27/07 11:12am 7/27/07 11:12am

Closer Than We Think! Lunar Mailbag (1960)

The Answer Machine (1964)

Online Shopping (1967)

The most accurate prediction of the 1967 film 1999 A.D. was that of "fingertip shopping". With a video console channeled into the store of your choice you could (gasp!) shop from home. » 5/08/07 3:44am 5/08/07 3:44am

The "electronic correspondence machine" (or "home post office") was also quite visionary, although it seems no one was betting on the… » 5/08/07 3:44am 5/08/07 3:44am