Pacific Bell Concept Video (1991)

The 1991 Pacific Bell concept video that we looked at in pieces a couple weeks back imagines a world of communication much like that of Connections from AT&T. Parts one through three of this unnamed Pacific Bell video appear below. »11/02/07 1:52am11/02/07 1:52am

Part 1 »11/02/07 1:52am11/02/07 1:52am

Part 2 »11/02/07 1:52am11/02/07 1:52am

Part 3 »11/02/07 1:52am11/02/07 1:52am

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Pacific Bell Concept Video (Part 3, 1991)

The third and final chapter of our untitled 1991 Pacific Bell concept video introduces us to the public videophones of the future, similar to those we saw in AT&T's Connections video from 1993. »10/19/07 10:35am10/19/07 10:35am

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GTE's Classroom of the Future (1987)

GTE's 1987 concept video Classroom of the Future envisions a bright future for voice synthesis, speech recognition and insanely small monitors. Will's acting career, however, holds less promise. »10/09/07 7:19pm10/09/07 7:19pm

Part 1 »10/09/07 7:19pm10/09/07 7:19pm

Part 2 »10/09/07 7:19pm10/09/07 7:19pm

Part 3 »10/09/07 7:19pm10/09/07 7:19pm

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US West's Flowers by Alice (1992)