1970s Kids Dressed Up For the Year 2000

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What will people dress like in the year 2000? That was the question in 1978 when kids at Lincoln Middle School in Indiana were encouraged to participate in a dress-up contest for "Year 2000 Day." Their answer? Apparently a little bit Judy Jetson, a heavy helping of astronaut, and maybe a dash of... Darth Maul?

From the December 3, 1978 Logansport Pharos-Tribune in Indiana:

Winners of the Lincoln Middle School dress-up contest on "Year 2000 Day" are from left Krista Stuber, eighth grade; Willy Somers, seventh grade; Cynthia Biggs, special education teacher; and Darron Dillmen, sixth grade. During the past week, Lincoln students observed "Spirit Week" sponsored by the student council.


If you were one of the kids pictured here, please drop us a line. We'd love to hear how you think you did. And don't be embarrassed, Paleofuture is a judgement-free zone. Well, for the most part, I guess. Ah, the folly of youthful prediction.

Remember the future? We were such dorks back then.

Image: December 3, 1978 Logansport Pharos-Tribune in Indiana


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...and podracer Anakin Skywalker? Phantom Menace is all over this photo. Who says George Lucas didn't have a plan?