Back to the Future II Screenwriter Bummed Out the Movie's 'Cubs Win' Joke No Longer Works

So you might possibly have heard that earlier this week the Chicago Cubs broke a 108-year record to win the World Series against the Cleveland Indians—a victory kiiiiind of predicted by Back to the Future II’s alternate 2015. THR caught up with screenwriter Bob Gale to discuss the gag’s sudden relevance again.

This Former Nuclear Bunker Is Now Used to Preserve All of America's Film Reels

There’s a fascinating backstory about the building that is now the National Audiovisual Conservation Center, which is where the Library of Congress stores all 6.3 million pieces of the library’s movie, television, and sound collection. It used to be a nuclear bunker that stored $4 billion during the Cold War. Now,…

CIA Refuses to Release Reports on Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, I’ve received CIA biographic reports on both the former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and the man who controversially ousted him in 1975, John Kerr. But there’s one guy involved in “The Dismissal” that the CIA won’t release files on: former Prime Minister Malcolm…


This Diary Entry From Dwight Eisenhower Is Hilariously Depressing When You Remember That Donald Trump Is Running For President

I’ve been reading President Dwight Eisenhower’s diaries this election season, and I recently started laughing out loud at the entry from May 1, 1953. It wasn’t so much what Ike wrote, but how it contrasted so dramatically with our current election cycle and the noxious way that Donald Trump has run his campaign.