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Age Wars! The Coming Battle Between Young and Old (1986)

The article "Age Wars: The Coming Battle Between Young and Old" is from the January/February, 1986 issue of The Futurist magazine. Though the content isn't necessarily funny, the piece makes me laugh every time I look at it, thanks to the amazing picture that complements the headline so well.

1986 Jan-Feb Futurist "Age Wars" 1986 Jan-Feb Futurist "Age Wars" paleofuture Article about the "coming battle between young and old."

The piece is actually very thoughtful and raises a lot of interesting questions about the paleo-future which are relevant today. An excerpt appears below but you can read the entire piece above.

Americans have always been an exceptionally optimistic people - and never more so than now. In the late 1970s, it was fashionable to question whether the country had at last entered an "era of limits," but the rallying cry these days is "America is back!" Inflation is down, employment is up, the military is strong, and energy is plentiful. This is not the season to peddle unhappy thoughts about the future of America, much less to call for sacrifice.

Yet today's prosperity is being purchased at the eventual expense of today's younger citizens and those yet unborn. As a result, the early decades of the next century may well bring a war between the generations, as tomorrow's elderly attempt to compel the young to honor the compounding debts of the present era.

The United States is now using an almost endless variety of means to distribute wealth and opportunity away from future taxpayers. After more than two decades of declining expenditures for public works, the cost of repairing the nation's dilapidated bridges, roads, waterways, and other infrastructure is conservatively estimated at more than $1 trillion.

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