Back to the Future Turns 30 Today

Back to the Future was released exactly 30 years ago today on July 3, 1985. What are you doing to celebrate?


There are actually events all around the world, from Marty McFly lookalike contests to special screenings. I went to one myself on Tuesday at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A., which set a world record for the most people to ever watch the movie live in one venue. It was pretty damn neat. Nearly 17,000 people showed up, many dressed as Marty and Doc, while others were sporting hoverboards. Granted, hoverboards don’t show up until the sequel, but if you’re going to celebrate the first movie, you may as well celebrate the entire trilogy.

Below we’ve got the original Back to the Future blooper reel. It’s not very long, but it does give a sense that everyone was having some fun while making this classic of American cinema. So what are you doing to celebrate this weekend? Aside from reading Gizmodo, of course...

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I’m gonna celebrate by going 88 MILES PER HOUR!!!!