"By the time the year 2000 arrives, the list of electrical appliances will be endless... non-pollution electric cars on safe magnetic highways, electric beams for metalworking, laser beams for digging tunnels, robot vacuum cleaners and dry cleaning installations in the close, adjustable total illumination for all homes, completely automated hospitals, recycling of waste and widespread electric rapid-transit systems." [June 19, 1971 Indiana Evening Gazette]


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Any of those things that people have put significant investment into have come true. Electric beams of all sorts are the standard in metalworking, hospitals are extensively automated and robotized, and robot vacuums are practically passé at this point. They had personal dry cleaning kits you could use in your dryer by the 90's (what happened to those?), and of course, my (inexpensive) lighting system is all remote control, and fully dimmable with color control. We'd have the transit system too if people didn't actively spend money to thwart it.