Can You Find All The Scientific Mistakes In This Picture?

The September 1928 issue of Science and Invention magazine included an illustrated cover that dared readers to find all of the scientific errors they had planted. Forty-eight scientific errors, in all. And $500 in prizes to the winners who submitted the correct answers.

"What's Wrong With This Picture?" games were incredibly popular in magazines of the 1920s, but Science and Invention claimed that this was the first to deal exclusively with scientific inaccuracies. "Practically every branch of science is represented in the mistakes on this cover," the magazine insisted. "Astronomy, Meteorology, Hydraulics, Optics, Gravitation, Electricity, Radio, Mechanics, Aeronautics, etc."


Now, unfortunately Gizmodo doesn't have $500 in prizes to give away. But on the internet, being right is truly the greatest prize of all. Right?

How many scientific mistakes can you find?

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