The May 31, 1915 Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, IN) republished a short piece from the Springfield Republican about a playlet that imagines the courtship of tomorrow. Spoiler alert: they ruin the ending of the playlet.

A Hundred Years Hence.

Springfield Republican.

A recently produced playlet of the year 2015 describes the courtship of tomorrow. "The maiden of next century is at a desk dreaming of her future family when the future father of the dream family flies in. To prove that they are truly soulmates the rays which register their feelings meet and blend into one shade of red. While they are talking the youth hears through an individual telephone that he wears around his wrist that, even though his morals are above reproach, he can not marry Jane because his great-great-grandfather led a life of dissipation. Both are in despair until Jane calls up the marriage license office and hears that because of her splendid record they may be married."


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