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Are you a designer?

To find a logo for Paleo-Future, I've posted a job to the crowdsourcing website CrowdSpring.


The idea behind CrowdSpring is that people like myself who may not have a lot of money to hire a designer can post their job, say what they're willing to pay, and choose a winner between the entries. The deadline for my logo is February 18, 2010 at 12:18 AM, GMT but if you submit before that I'm able to provide feedback, which gives the designer a chance to revise their work.

I'm well aware of the critiques of crowdsourcing websites like this, as my designer friends have given me an earful about how websites like this devalue their work. I'm inclined to disagree. I don't have much money and I'm not about to ask my friends who are designers to work for free, which I feel would actually devalue their work. Crowdsourcing lets someone like me put a design job out into the community and if a designer feels like its worth their time because of the money or because they enjoy my blog, everyone wins.

You can read the creative brief and submit logos here. Thanks to any and all designers who take up the challenge!



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