Did This 1980s Kids' Book Predict NSA Snooping?

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Back in 2011, I wrote about a 1982 kids' book that predicted what kind of impact computers might have on the political process. The book warned that many people were concerned about privacy in the digital age, but ultimately concluded that computers could be used for good.


After a full summer of leaks that paints a picture of complete digital surveillance by the U.S. government, the opening paragraph from this two-page spread is particularly chilling:

Some people fear that computers will rule our lives in the future. They believe that information on everyone will be stored in computers, and that government officials will be able to find out anything about anyone at any time. It is possible that this will happen, and that some governments will use computers to limit people's freedom.


The original post follows and is all the more troubling given everything we know today. What a difference just a couple of years makes.

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