Enormous Time Capsule Will Be Opened in Michigan Today, Will Probably Suck

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A gigantic time capsule from 1965 is going to be opened this afternoon in Bay City, Michigan. And locals have been speculating about what could be inside. Will it be filled with old movie cameras and classic records? Priceless gems and bars of gold? Probably not.

Frankly, the contents of most time capsules are pretty disappointing. But even if this capsule, known as the John F. Kennedy Peace Capsule, is filled with amazing things, there’s a bigger fear: Whatever’s inside has probably been ravaged by rain and snow and whatever else happens to things that are buried for half a century. Many time capsules simply turn out to be a soggy, unrecoverable mess once they’re unearthed.

Stephen Kent, president of the Bay County Historical Society, summed up every time capsule nerd’s worst fears when he told the local news: “I just hope it’s not soup.”


It’s probably soup. And not the Campbell’s kind. But we’ll see! Time capsule nerds are nothing if not cockeyed optimists! (But it’s probably soup.)

Update: Well, they opened it. Guess what they found.

Photo from the Bay County Historical Society and MLive

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Fleet Admiral Josh

Doesn’t one usually bury time capsules for more than 50 years? I mean, There could very easily be (if not likely be) someone there for the reveal who was there when they buried it in the first place. I mean, heck, just ask that person about history than look in the time capsule