That Fake Hoverboard Was Just a Funny or Die Stunt

Illustration for article titled That Fake Hoverboard Was Just a Funny or Die Stunt

Funny or Die has finally admitted to being behind that confusing fake hoverboard video that went viral yesterday. And we're still not quite sure why they made it.


"If we inspired on person to get into the hover sciences, I consider that a victory," Christopher Lloyd says to the camera. "Here's to hoverboards being actually real one day. Go! Do it! Make it happen! For all of us! God bless you."

Apparently they primarily wanted to give away a non-functional hoverboard by driving people to their Facebook page. That seems like a rather flimsy reason to go to so much trouble. Oh well, at least they disappointed a bunch of angry retro-future nerds like myself in the process, if only for a fleeting moment.

You can watch the apology video below. Or you can hit yourself in the head with a hammer for 90 minutes while freebasing Clearasil. They sound about equally fun.

Funny Or Die is Sorry for Lying about Hoverboards from Funny Or Die



If you believed this you have a dismal understanding of current technology.