Future of Steam (1889)

The June 13, 1889 Bucks County Gazette (Bristol, Pennsylvania) contained a short article about the future of steam power.

Professor Thurston, of Cornell university, does not believe the steam engine will be superseded in a hurry by any other motor, not even electricity. He says, on the contrary, that improvements will continue to be made in it which will adapt it more and more to the might industrial enterprises of the centuries to come. Gas engines can be used for small industries, not for great ones. The first improvements will be in the direction of overcoming the enormous waste of fuel whereby speed and power are obtained. Great changes for the better in this respect have already been made. He prophesies that the next generation will see steam engine driving a ship across the Atlantic in three or four days, at an expenditure of one pound of fuel per horse power an hour. Flying trains may be expected to cross the continent in two days, transporting freight at a cost of $3 or $4 a ton. The steam engine will yet be improved by a hundred investors.


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