German Leader Angela Merkel Still Way Too Friendly With Robots

Photo: AP

It’s still weird, isn’t it? German Chancellor Angela Merkel is palling around with robots at every opportunity, with her most recent robo-encounter happening just yesterday on ‘Girl’s Day’ at the chancellery in Berlin.

Does Merkel know something that we don’t about the impending robot uprising? Probably. Will she finally tell us what’s going on? Almost certainly not.


At least not until it’s too late.

Photo: AP

Why do you love robots so much, Chancellor Merkel? What are you hiding? And why have we never seen President Trump hanging out with humanoid bots?

Is President Trump too smart to shake a robot’s hand, knowing full well that the robot has no human emotions to full appreciate what’s going on? Or perhaps is President Trump too dumb to know what’s really coming?


Only time will tell. But Merkel is a trained physicist with a PhD. And Trump is, well, Trump. So I think we can guess who knows the score when it comes to the robotic revolution that’s just over the horizon.

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