Most original artwork that went into making the original Jetsons TV series of just 24 episodes found its way to the trash heap. But if you're dying to own some classic '60s Jetsons art, now's your chance.

Animation cels from the original 1962-63 Jetsons TV show are incredibly rare. Why? Because the animators at Hanna-Barbera would take home the art and let their kids play slip 'n slide with the things.

Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills has just put up an original 1963 Jetsons animation cel. The extremely rare cel comes from the 18th episode, titled "Jane's Driving Lesson." And, yes, the entire episode is essentially just one big "women are bad drivers" joke.


Early on in the episode George goes for a haircut, and that's the scene this particular cel is pulled from. If you're playing along at home, the image can be found at precisely 2:55 of episode 18 on the DVD set.

The twist in this episode's B story line? The guy who George thinks is the barber, is actually the janitor — but he cuts his hair anyway! Oh me, oh my! Will the chucklegoofs ever cease?

The auction has plenty of other really cool pieces of animation history, including cels from the 1966 version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, 1950s Tom and Jerry, along with lots of classic Disney art. The 1951 Alice in Wonderland concept art by Mary Blair might be my favorite piece in the entire auction. (My apologies to the Jetson family.)

Internet bidding for the Jetsons cel ends November 24th, so if you're looking to own a rare piece of retro-futurism, don't wait too long to get your bid in.

Images: George Jetsons talking to the "barber" from Heritage Auctions and screenshot from the DVD of the first season of the Jetsons