Ted Cruz and Kellyanne Conway appear to have a cordial and not at all confrontational conversation before a swearing-in ceremony for Rick Perry on March 2, 2017 (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Remember 2014? It was just three years ago, but it feels like a lifetime, if you lived through the election of 2016. But 2014 was a more simple time. Back then, Ted Cruz was only just teasing the idea of running for president, and he actually made a prediction that seems a bit prescient, given the current fight over Obamacare.

What was Cruz’s prediction? In the summer of 2014 he proclaimed, “And in the year 2017, a Republican president in the Rose Garden is going to sign a bill repealing every word of Obamacare.” Did you feel the shiver down your spine? That’s the feeling you get when you read the words of a psychic.


Ted Cruz didn’t become president, of course. But he got the Republican president part right. And as for the prediction that the president would be repealing “every word of Obamacare”? Well, I guess that remains to be seen. But Republicans are working on it. And how! Even if it means that 24 million people might lose their health insurance.

Screenshot of an Associated Press article that appeared in the August 31, 2014 Colorado Spring Gazette (NewspaperArchive.com)

Donald Trump ran on the idea of repealing and replacing Obamacare. That, along with stemming immigration from Mexico, was one of his most popular talking points on the campaign trail. Trump was light on specifics during the campaign, but he promised that his replacement would involve no cuts to Medicaid, would provide coverage for everyone, and wouldn’t raise anyone’s premiums. The current Republican replacement for Obamacare doesn’t seem to address any of those things, but we’ll see!

Okay, so maybe Cruz’s predictions are a little too early to call. But it’s fun to imagine that he could be right about something! Especially given how wrong he’s been about everything else in his life. (Remember when Cruz took his family to dinner with Trump after Donald strongly implied Cruz’s wife was ugly and accused his father of assassinating JFK? It feels like it was just yesterday.)


The Associated Press article from August 31, 2014 also included some other gems from Ted Cruz that may or may not be prophetic. He said that he wanted to invite President Obama down to the Texas-Mexico border to see the unaccompanied children that were coming into the US.

“I figured out the only way there is a chance in heaven he might come, I’m inviting him to come to a golf course,” Cruz said about his invitation for Obama.


The comment was a dig at the common Republican complaint that President Obama played a lot of golf rather than governing—something that has come back to bite Republicans in the ass a bit since President Trump has gone on vacation and played golf more than any president in history, on a simple per days in office basis. He’s played nine rounds of golf while he’s been in office for just 7 weeks.

Predictions are hard, and not being a hypocritical piece of shit is even harder. But it feels so great that we can all laugh about it now.


Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog

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