It's "Ask a Curator Day" at the National Museum of American History

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It's Ask a Curator Day over at the National Museum of American History! Just tweet at them (@amhistorymuseum) with the hashtag #askacurator and they'll do their best to answer your question. You can also submit your question via their Facebook page.


There are a few different curators each hour until 5pm EST, including some which may be of particular interest to Gizmodo readers:

  • Harold Wallace, who's an expert on electrical history (10-11am)
  • Noriko Sanefuji, whose specialty is Asian Pacific American history (11am-noon)
  • Carlene Stephens, who takes care of the museum's collections of clocks and watches, sound recordings, and robots (noon-1pm)
  • Judy Gradwohl, who manages the museum's social media (1-2pm)
  • Ryan Lintelman, a member of the Armed Forces History Division (2-3pm)
  • Shannon Perich, whose specialty includes the history of photography (3-4pm)
  • Dwight Blocker Bowers, who looks at various aspects of popular culture (4-5pm)

Image: Portable Lowe Press, patented in 1856 and part of the Smithsonian collection

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