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Montreal, U.S.A. (1901)

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According to the February 11, 1901 Akron Daily Democrat (Akron, OH) the official program of President McKinley's inauguration in 1901 was to leave no ambiguity about the ambitions of the United States; complete domination of the western hemisphere.


After doing some quick research it seems likely that this "futuristic" inaugural program described in the article, which imagined the year 2001, never saw the light of day. Though I'm no presidential historian, I'd guess that this article was simply a tool used to slam McKinley (a Republican) and his re-election.

The full text of the Akron Daily Democrat piece is below.

Washington, Feb. 11. — An unique feature of the coming inauguration will be the official program now being prepared by the inaugural committee. The elaborate designs for the front and back covers and the wealth of half-tone and other illustrations within, will make it really remarkable as a work of art and valuable as a souvenir. Besides a full description of the parade and the inaugural ceremonies the book will contain several interesting and timely articles by writers of note, among which will be a picture of the inauguration of the year 2001. The author assumes that the United States, then will have acquired the whole of the western hemisphere attaining a population of 300,000,000; that the President will be from Montreal, U.S.A., will have forty cabinet members to appoint; that the Senate will consist of 300 members and the House 800, and that Washington on that day will entertain 3,000,000 visitors, most of whom view the inaugural parade from airships.


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