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New Hoverboard Commercial is Obviously Fake Because The Future is Garbage

We still don’t have hoverboards. At least not the ones we were promised in the 1989 movie, Back to the Future: Part II. And this new promo video from Universal Pictures does little more than remind us that living in the future is garbage.


From hoverboards to flying cars, Back to the Future II’s version of 2015 didn’t pan out. All we got was this stupid thing called an internet, where we can communicate with anyone in the world and access nearly every piece of human knowledge ever recorded. What a crock of shit.


And in case you were wondering if this completely fictitious product was gluten free, have no fear. It is. Just check out the jokey split-second warning at the end of the promo:

Illustration for article titled New Hoverboard Commercial is Obviously Fake Because The Future is Garbage

I guess I’ll just go back to researching on the internet about the history of lasers and the profound impact that they’re expected to have on the 21st century. Like a hoverboard-less chump.


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Michael Crider

Point of contention: the original hoverboard from the movie was a Mattel toy, ostensibly for young kids, as opposed to the “powered” versions that Biff’s son’s gang used. Remember how Marty had to break off the handle that the little girl was using?

Putting that toy anywhere near a dreadlocked man who says “bruh” seems to be breaking with the aesthetic somewhat.