No, You Don't Live in a Modern Day Version of The Truman Show, Why Would You Even Ask That?

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Stop being silly. You don’t live in a modern day version of The Truman Show. If you did, don’t you think your friends and family would’ve told you by now? The mere idea is absurd.


Look, if you really lived in a modern day version of The Truman Show — where everyone was watching you through various forms of media without your knowledge, and all your friends and family were actors — there’d be signs of it everywhere.

To start with, there’d have to be cameras and microphones pointed at you practically every place you went. I mean like everywhere. Producing a modern day Truman Show would mean that there’d be cameras and mics on that computer you sit at all day, cameras and mics on that smartphone you carry everywhere, and cameras monitoring nearly all American streets. Shit, there’d even have to be backward facing cameras on the cars of strangers to get that perfect close-up shot of you sitting in your own car. Simply ridiculous.


Secondly, all your friends and family would have to be in on it. Or I guess they wouldn’t necessarily have to be. They could be getting Truman Show’d too. Now that I think about it, that’d be a pretty neat idea for a sequel — a world where a main protagonist’s friends and family don’t know that their entire lives are being monitored and broadcast for all the world to see as well. But that would never happen.

Thirdly, you’d have to be constantly in the presence of brands. Remember in The Truman Show when Truman’s wife is constantly mentioning the names of products? People don’t do that in your life. Why, I bet you haven’t seen or heard a brand name all day, have you? Well, there you go.

And lastly, there would most certainly have to be infrastructure set up so that your life could be broadcast in every conceivable format without your knowledge. I mean, that would take literally dozens of different algorithms and many servers costing upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, just to hide the truth from you. No one would spend that kind of effort or money on a modern TV show across multiple platforms and mediums.

Trust me, you’re not living in a modern day version of The Truman Show. Don’t be ridiculous.


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I've been paranoid about this for a couple weeks now. Thanks for this.