Only Demolishing the Astrodome Will Unearth Its Lost Time Capsule

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Time capsule hunters looking for the elusive Astrodome time capsule in Houston think they’ve finally figured out where it is. Unfortunately, the location means they won’t be able to retrieve it until after the Astrodome is destroyed.


As some commenters here at Paleofuture noted, the 1963 photo above leads us to believe that the capsule is sitting below a column or retaining wall in the Astrodome. At this point, that’s also the best guess of the city officials who have been using ground-penetrating radar to look for it. But taking out a wall or column simply isn’t an option.

“Trying to remove the capsule, if it is indeed there, would not likely be worth either the risk to the building or the expense,” one local official on the hunt for the capsule told the Houston Chronicle. “So there she sits.”


There are no immediate plans to demolish the Astrodome, though that idea has certainly been floated many times since the Astros left in 2000. So time capsule nerds will just have to wait on the Astrodome capsule. Which is something that they’re surprisingly bad at, given how many young time capsules are opened every week. Some of these capsules aren’t even old enough to vote.

Image: The burying of the time capsule at the Astrodome construction site, March 27, 1963 via Houston Post, annotated by Andrew Liszewski

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