Remember Glasstron? We Were Such Dorks Back Then

Google's latest attempt to make Glass™™™ fashionable reminds me (at least aesthetically) of Sony's Glasstron — a cyberpunk headset display from 1998. The company claimed that it "replicates the viewing experience of a 52-inch TV at 6.5 feet."

Glasstron was obviously a flop, but it wasn't just because the thing made the Sony executives above look like dweebs. They were also spendy.


List price for Sony's first generation Glasstron was $900, or about $1,300 adjusted for inflation. In completely unrelated news, Google Glass™™™ is now available to the general public for $1,500.

Getty Image: Sony executives Dan Nicholson, left, and Federico Stubbe show off the portable 10-ounce headset that connects to any analog or digital source in New York on July 29, 1998.


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