Russian Man Uses Horse Treadmill to Power Log Splitter

You may have seen the video above making the rounds on the old internet box. An anonymous Russian man is using his horse on a treadmill to power a log splitter. It's a brilliant idea, but far from new. Back in the late 19th century, the horse treadmill (or "endless floor") was considered the latest in high-tech inventions.

Below, we have an illustration from an 1880 issue of Scientific American. The journal explained that the animal treadmill could be put to any number of uses, including powering a water pump, driving a flour mill, and even generating electricity for light! Now there's a bright idea I wouldn't say neigh to!


I said, there's a bright idea I wouldn't say neigh to!

Image: 1880 issue of Scientific American, scanned from the book Victorian Inventions


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