Steve Bannon Predicts President Trump Will Be Reelected in a Landslide

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Predictions are hard. Especially in politics. But former Trump advisor Steve Bannon made an incredibly confident prediction about the future of the Trump regime last night. And he could be right.

Last night, 60 Minutes aired its full interview with Steve Bannon. You’ve probably already seen the highlights (or lowlights as it were), but the most interesting bit didn’t make it on the air. In an online-exclusive clip Bannon predicted that President Trump was going to be reelected in 2020. In a landslide, no less.

Bannon’s full 30-minute interview touches on everything from the Catholic church to North Korea to the Republican establishment. But there’s a clip that was only shared online under the “60 Minutes Overtime” brand where Bannon makes a bold prediction. He says that if Trump accomplishes some of the things that he promised—including “the wall” and other divisive, horrible things—he’ll be reelected in a landslide.

The transcript:

Steve Bannon: President Trump triggers... triggers the left. And they can’t handle it rationally. And as long as they can’t handle it rationally they’re not going to defeat him.

Charlie Rose: Why is he at 30-some percent approval rating?

Steve Bannon: I think he’s at 36 or 38 percent because we haven’t gotten the wall built, we haven’t... If you just go through and just do the Trump program that he laid out and just punch those things out, you’re going to do fine, you’re going to be at your 47 percent.

Charlie Rose: There’s now talk you may not try to undo the Iran nuclear deal...

Steve Bannon: Decertify? I wouldn’t bet on that.

Charlie Rose: But there is talk about that.

Steve Bannon: There’s definitely talk. The apparatus wants him to continue to certify. President Trump wants to get out of the deal and either go make a better deal or just view it from the outside.


Charlie Rose: So your takeaway on the Trump administration, and we sit here two days after Labor Day, your takeaway on the Trump administration so far is what?

Steve Bannon: Is that it’s hammering through what it’s trying to hammer through to deliver on the promises that President Trump made to the American people when he campaigned. And if he just continues to go down that path and punch out those promises he made, he’s going to win... we’re going to win in 18... we’ll pick of 6 or 7 senate seats. I think we’ll pick up a couple seats in the House, and we’re gonna win in a huge landslide in [20]20.


How does Trump win in a landslide in 2020? All that has to happen is Trump needs to rally his base of upper middle class Fox News viewers and Democrats need to put up a candidate that doesn’t support massively popular things like a living wage and health care for all.

Make no mistake that the Democrats are dumb enough to literally put up Hillary Clinton again. Between the Electoral College and every day sexism, it’s easy to argue that she got a raw deal in 2016. But there’s no appetite in the US for her to run again. But people like Neera Tanden, who almost certainly lost Clinton a huge number of votes with a leaked email that said Clinton didn’t need to support a $15 minimum wage, are still getting lots of air time on TV. The people pulling the strings in the Democratic Party are the same idiots who lost in 2016. And they’ve learned nothing.

The 2020 election is essentially just around the corner. And neo-fascists like Steve Bannon are ready to get Trump and his racist profiteering goons reelected. The scary part is that he could be right.


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Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog

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He will. The republic is poisoned by stupid and “you gotta support a war-time president” will be the reason.

Also, fresh war. With who? Doesn’t matter. Certainly not to the president.