Steven Spielberg Wants to Remake The Last Starfighter But Can't

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Remember the 1984 movie The Last Starfighter? Well, someone has gone and created a modern trailer for the film and it makes me want to 1) Watch the movie on repeat and 2) See a sequel or remake finally get made. Too bad that will probably never happen.

The only problem with a remake? It seems no one (not even Steven Spielberg) has been able to secure the rights to the film. At least that's what Seth Rogen says. Every nerd in Hollywood, Rogen included, has apparently been wanting to remake The Last Starfighter for years now.


So what's holding up a remake? According to Rogen and Slash Film, the writer of the original, Jonathan R. Betuel, owns the rights and doesn't have any interest in a remake. Betuel's other credits include the late 80s Freddy Krueger TV show and the ridiculous 1995 Whoopi Goldberg buddy cop comedy Theodore Rex.


What if Hollywood promises to never remake Theodore Rex? Can we get a reboot of The Last Starfighter then?

Image: Screenshot from the 1984 film The Last Starfighter

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I'd rather see a sequel, myself. I'm sick of all these attempts at remakes that seem to be inundating Hollywood that invariably fall flat compared to the originals. It seems to me that these are just quick cash grabs for nostalgia rather than anyone with an honest interest in the story or nostalgia being involved.