Take a Virtual Tour of Disneyland's 1960s Monsanto House of the Future

The Monsanto House of the Future sat in the heart of Disneyland for a decade, giving people a peek at the homes of tomorrow. The house was built in 1957 and torn down in 1967. But now people of the 21st century can get their very own walk-through, even if it’s just on YouTube.


The Disney History Institute (not officially affiliated with the Disney company) has designed this virtual walk-through of the house. It’s not quite like living the real thing, but absent a time machine, it’ll have to do.

Below, a film of the Monsanto House of the Future as it appeared in real life:

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Redbrick Hellpigeon

The problem with these views of the future is that there is no dust under the sofa, no piles of yellowing magazines, no odd juxtapositions like an XBox One next to a vinyl record player that’s older than its owner, no cracks in the paint... Modern sci-fi often overdoses on the grot, swinging from one extreme to another. But it is the mundanity of lives lived and futures lived in as the present which is often overlooked in these visions.