It's the most wonderful time of the year! New Year's Eve might be a garbage holiday, but at least we have Syfy's Twilight Zone marathon to console us. Below, a list of when you can watch each episode during this year's festivities. And for all you cordcutters, we've added links to Netflix (and Hulu for season 4) for each episode.

Wednesday, December 31st

All times are Eastern.

8:00 AM: The Old Man In The Cave

The one where people in a post-apocalyptic world worship an unseen man in a cave, which you shouldn't read anything into at all. [Netflix]

8:30 AM: Caesar and Me

The one where a loser ventriloquist has to fight against his manipulative dummy who always seems to be sabotaging him. [Netflix]

9:00 AM: The Last Flight

The one where a WWI British pilot lands in the future which is our past if you really think about it. [Netflix]

9:30 AM: The Little People

The one where two astronauts land on a planet of tiny people and one astronaut decides to rule them as a god which goes about as well as you'd expect. [Netflix]

10:00 AM: Third From The Sun

The one where nuclear destruction is going to wipe out the earth so two people plot to steal a spaceship. [Netflix]

10:30 AM: Long Live Walter Jameson

The one where a history professor is immortal which must be super weird tenure-wise. [Netflix]

11:00 AM: A Piano in the House

The one where a theater critic buys a player piano and the theater critic has a creepy beard so you can tell he's a bad dude. [Netflix]

11:30 AM: Perchance to Dream

The one where a man can't go to sleep for fear of dying which would be pretty awful because you can die from not sleeping so he doesn't really have many options. [Netflix]

12:00 PM: A Most Unusual Camera

The one where some crooks get ahold of a camera that can see the future. [Netflix]

12:30 PM: The Arrival

The one where a plane lands at an airport without any pilots, passengers or crew. [Netflix]

1:00 PM: A Thing About Machines

The one where a man who hates technology finds he probably has good reason to fear it. [Netflix]

1:30 PM: And When The Sky Was Opened

The one where three astronauts blast into space in an experimental rocketship but their return timelines are all mixed up. [Netflix]

2:00 PM: I Shot An Arrow Into The Air

The one where astronauts crash land and go at each other's throats. [Netflix]

2:30 PM: Nick of Time

The one where Captain Kirk and his new bride play a fortune-telling machine at a diner and get spooked. [Netflix]

3:00 PM: Night of the Meek

The one where a drunk department store Santa is just trying to spread some Christmas joy but the voice of Piglet is always spoiling his fun. [Netflix]

3:30 PM: Number Twelve Looks Just Like You

The one where "old" people take new bodies in a utopian future where nobody ever gets old which sounds awesome because in reality we'll all be dead really soon. [Netflix]

4:00 PM: What's In The Box

The one where a guy cheating on his wife starts to see weird visions on his TV set. [Netflix]

4:30 PM: Walking Distance

The one where a man accidentally travels into the past and talks with himself as a young kid. [Netflix]

5:00 PM: A Hundred Yards Over The Rim

The one where a man from olden times leaves his wagon train to go find help for his son but he slips into the future and what he finds is that future people aren't so bad after all. [Netflix]

5:30 PM: People Are Alike All Over

The one where a man crash-lands on Mars and discovers a strange race of people. [Netflix]

6:00 PM: Probe 7 Over and Out

The one where a man stranded on a distant planet meets a stranded woman from a different planet. [Netflix]

6:30 PM : Stopover In A Quiet Town

The one where a couple wake up in a strange town and try to figure out what they did last night after partying too hard. [Netflix]

7:00 PM: A Game of Pool

The one where a guy plays pool against a ghost to prove that he really is the best of all time but even if he wins he'll have to say that he beat a ghost which is a hard thing to prove when you think about it. [Netflix]

7:30 PM: The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

The one where everybody turns on each other when mysterious things happen and it's probably aliens or communists or something. [Netflix]

8:00 PM: The Dummy

The one where a ventriloquist thinks his dummy is alive which seems to be a recurring theme in the Twilight Zone. [Netflix]

8:30 PM: The Invaders

The one where a rural woman pwns some alien invaders that definitely aren't from Earth. [Netflix]

9:00 PM: To Serve Man

The one where an alien race lands on Earth to help humans out and nothing else happens and everybody lives happily ever after. [Netflix]

9:30 PM: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

The one where Captain Kirk starts seeing something on the wing of a plane that's probably just a teddy bear that's come to life oh god why is he shooting at it oh god why. [Netflix]

10:00 PM: A Stop At Willoughby

The one where a big city business man falls asleep during his commute and dreams of a small town community of the past, then gets a chance to go there if he wants. [Netflix]

10:30 PM: The Hitch-hiker

The one where a woman keeps seeing the same hitch-hiker over and over again. [Netflix]

11:00 PM: Dead Man's Shoes

The one where a homeless guy takes the shoes off a dead gangster and becomes him. [Netflix]

11:30 PM: Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up

The one where some local cops try to find out which stranded bus passenger is actually a Martian. [Netflix]

Thursday, January 1st

12:00 AM: The Midnight Sun

The one where the sun never sets and the heat is unbelievably oppressive but there's a twist and I bet you can't guess what it is. [Netflix]

12:30 AM: The Obsolete Man

The one where a librarian in a futuristic totalitarian dystopia goes on trial. [Netflix]

1:00 AM: The After Hours

The one where a woman tries to return something to a department store but discovers a floor where the mannequins are creepier than usual. [Netflix]

1:30 AM: Night Call

The one where a woman keeps getting mysterious calls. [Netflix]

2:00 AM: The Lonely

The one where a prisoner living on an asteroid falls in love with a robot woman. [Netflix]

2:30 AM: King Nine Will Not Return

The one where a downed pilot in WWI has to find out what happened to the rest of his crew. [Netflix]

3:00 AM: The Hunt

The one where a hunter comes back from a hunt and nobody can see or hear him because he's probably dead, which is unfortunate because he'd really prefer to be alive. [Netflix]

3:30 AM: Mr. Denton On Doomsday

The one where a drunk gets a little help from magic medicine in an Old West town. [Netflix]

4:00 AM: Uncle Simon

The one where a woman has to take care of her uncle's robot after his death. [Netflix]

4:30 AM: Two

The one where the entire world has destroyed itself and just two people from opposing factions remain and everybody learns that war isn't good. [Netflix]

6:00 AM: I Dream of Genie

The one where a man discovers a genie in a bottle which always turns out well for the protagonist. [Hulu]

7:00 AM: Jess-belle

The one where a woman turns to witchcraft to help win the love of her life. [Hulu]

8:00 AM: The Purple Testament

The one where an American lieutenant in WWII develops the ability to see when his men will die. [Netflix]

8:30 AM: Mr Bevis

The one where a man gets some help from his guardian angel. [Netflix]

9:00 AM: The Rip Van Winkle Caper

The one where criminals steal a bunch of gold and then put themselves in suspended animation so that they can spend their gold in the future and give it to Ron Paul 2012. [Netflix]

9:30 AM: Ring-a-ding Girl

The one where a movie star is getting warnings from her ring. [Netflix]

10:00 AM: Little Girl Lost

The one where a man's daughter goes missing but he can hear her cries for help. [Netflix]

10:30 AM: Hocus Pocus and Frisby

The one where a man who lies a lot gets abducted by aliens. [Netflix]

11:00 AM: Escape Clause

The one where a man sells his soul to the devil in exchange for an incredibly long life which will not backfire on him at all. [Netflix]

11:30 AM: The Prime Mover

The one where a compulsive gambler goes gambling with a friend who can change things with his mind. [Netflix]

12:00 PM: Mr. Dingle, The Strong

The one where a guy who's always getting picked on gains super-human strength because a two-headed alien wants to experiment with Earthlings. [Netflix]

12:30 PM: One for the Angels

The one where a traveling salesman makes a deal with Death to live just a little bit longer. [Netflix]

1:00 PM: The Silence

The one where a really chatty guy takes a bet that he can refrain from talking for a full year which doesn't backfire at all. [Netflix]

1:30 PM: The Sixteen-millimeter Shrine

The one that's basically a rip-off of Sunset Boulevard but still not a bad little episode. [Netflix]

2:00 PM: Death's Head Revisited

The one where a Nazi piece of shit finds himself back at the concentration camps on trial. [Netflix]

2:30 PM: It's a Good Life

The one where children are again shown to be history's greatest monsters. [Netflix]

3:00 PM: A Nice Place to Visit

The one were a cop-killer gets everything he could wish for from a mysterious guy who's definitely not Satan. [Netflix]

3:30 PM: A Penny For Your Thoughts

The one where a man can read people's minds and learns that literally everybody is terrible. [Netflix]

4:00 PM: Black Leather Jackets

The one where a motorcycle gang of maybe-aliens invade a small town. [Netflix]

4:30 PM: Five Characters In Search of An Exit

The one that clearly inspired Saw but without all the super gross stuff, but it does have a creepy clown so there's that. [Netflix]

5:00 PM: The Odyssey of Flight 33

The one where a commercial plane travels back in time and there's dinosaurs and stuff. [Netflix]

5:30 PM: The 7th Is Made Up of Phantoms

The one where soldiers travel back in time to Little Big Horn. [Netflix]

6:00 PM: A Kind of Stopwatch

The one where a man has a watch that can stop time. [Netflix]

6:30 PM: The Bewitchin' Pool

The one where two kids can access a magical land through a portal in the bottom of their swimming pool. [Netflix]

7:00PM: Kick the Can

The one where an old man thinks he's discovered the secret of youth through an old game but I forget the name of the game exactly. [Netflix]

7:30 PM: The Masks

The one where greedy people must wear ugly masks for a night to claim their inheritance. [Netflix]

8:00 PM: I Sing The Body Electric

The one where a robot grandmother is written by Ray Bradbury. [Netflix]

8:30 PM: Living Doll

The one where a father goes to war with his daughter's doll. [Netflix]

9:00 PM: Time Enough At Last

The one where a book nerd survives a nuclear apocalypse only to get bullied by God, who hates people that are near-sighted apparently. [Netflix]

9:30 PM: Where is Everybody

The one where a test pilot doesn't remember where he is and has no idea why the town he's wandering is vacant. [Netflix]

10:00 PM: The Howling Man

The one where there's this dude that howls to be let out of his prison cell but you probably shouldn't let him out of his prison cell. [Netflix]

10:30 PM: Eye of the Beholder

The one where beautiful people learn that they're super ugly or something. [Netflix]

11:00 PM: The Shelter

The one where a dude builds a nuclear fallout shelter and his neighbors make fun of him but then of course they all want to use it because shit's about to go down. [Netflix]

11:30 PM: I Am The Night — Color Me Black

The one where the sun won't rise on a town with an execution that's scheduled for dawn. [Netflix]

Friday, January 2nd

12:00 AM: Long Distance Call

The one where a young boy can talk to his dead grandma through a toy phone. [Netflix]

12:30 AM: Judgment Night

The one where a man finds himself on a ship in 1942 and doesn't know how he got there. [Netflix]

1:00 AM: Nightmare As A Child

The one where a creepy little girl reminds a young woman about her mother. [Netflix]

1:30 AM: The Grave

The one where an old lawman visits a grave of an old baddie but really wishes he hadn't. [Netflix]

2:00 AM: The Four of Us Are Dying

The one where a guy can change his face at will and uses his powers to mess with people. [Netflix]

2:30 AM: A World of His Own

The one where a writer can alter reality through his dictation machine. [Netflix]

3:00 AM: In Praise of Pip

The one where a bookie tries to make amends to his son. [Netflix]

3:30 AM: The Fever

The one where a gambler becomes obsessed with a particular slot machine. [Netflix]

4:00 AM: The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank

The one where a man wakes up at his own funeral which is super confusing because everybody thought he was dead. [Netflix]

4:30 AM: What You Need

The one where a con-man tries to pull one over on a kindly psychic salesman. [Netflix]

5:00 AM The New Exhibit

The one where a guy asks to keep the wax figures of serial killers from a wax museum that's closing. [Hulu]