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Remember those people you used to talk to before the Internet was invented? I think there was a name for them . . . oh yeah, family and friends! Well, here's an excuse to talk with them for the good of the Internets.


The Paleo-Future Project seeks to document our collective memory of the future. Interview your friends/family/yourself/strangers with any recording device. Post your creation to a video-sharing site like YouTube, an audio/document site like Box or a photo site like Flickr.

Let us know where to find it by sending me an e-mail [] or posting a comment to this post. After I receive a few I'll start linking to them here on the Paleo-Future blog.


To get you started, here are some topics you could focus on. Enjoy.

The Year 2000
What did you think the year 2000 would look like?
What most informed your idea of what 2000 would look like? Movies? Comic books? Radio? TV?

The Jetsons
What did the Jetsons mean to you? Did you see the 1960s version or the 1980s version?

Flying Cars
With what degree of certainty did you believe you would one day use a flying car?


Did you ever try building your own?

Futuristic Food
Tang, meal-in-a-pill, astronaut food? What symbolized the future of food to you?
Did you grow up on a farm? What dreams/concerns did you have about the future of agriculture?


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