There's nothing quite like seeing a vintage 3D movie on the big screen. Sure, we have plenty of movies released in 3D here in the 21st century. But back in the 1950s (and even much earlier) the 3D movie was a taste of the future. Which is why I'm pretty excited for a little festival in Hollywood that starts next week.


Starting September 5th the 3D Film Expo opens at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The festival (previously held in 2003 and 2006) includes some fantastic films, along with what sounds like some very cool lectures. A clip show and lecture on European 3D movies from the 1930s until the 1950s? Sign me up!

The festival includes everything from Westerns like John Wayne's Hondo, to classic campy monster movies like Robot Monster (poster above). There's even some softcore 3D porn if that's your thing. Personally, the 3D Rarities Show on the 14th sounds like a must-see with "over 90 minutes of some of the rarest stereoscopic material in existence." And the line-up of short movies for the 3D Animation Show on the 8th sounds pretty amazing as well. Okay, it all looks really great.

The complete schedule for the festival is below. Tickets will set you back $18 per screening ($15 if you're a member) and if you want to check out all 35 screenings you can buy the $400 package.


I've include links to the trailers for each film below. Even if you can't make it to Hollywood for the festival, at least you can get a taste of just how strange and varied the 3D film mix was over half a century ago.

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