This Hilariously Retro Soap Ad Promised You a Robot Butler

Advertisers love to associate their products with the future, even if there's nothing terribly futuristic about them. Like in this 1984 ad from a British company that was selling... soap.

The TV ad is for Cussons Imperial Leather soap and aired in Australia, promising the good folks Down Under "the ultimate in luxury." Apparently part of living a life of luxury included a bizarre pod-home at sea and an awkward robot servicing your every whim.

Strangely, the robot doesn't seem to be capable of very much. This faux-Rosey doesn't even wash your back for you! What kind of half-assed futuristic robot is this?


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I was far less concerned about the robot butler than the mother, father and children all bathing in the same tub at the same time...