This Is the End of House of Cards Improved by That Dumb Dire Straits Song

Last week I watched the last five minutes of the new season of House of Cards. As I explained at the time, I’d grown tired of the show, and didn’t mind having it spoiled in the interest of just seeing the last five minutes out of context. But now I’ve done something even worse.

If you love House of Cards and haven’t binge-watched the latest season yet, look away now. Much like my context-free description of the last five minutes, this video is just spoiler city. It’s literally the end of season 4 of House of Cards with some music added.


I was inspired by Peter Salomone and his Walk of Life Project. He has edited the end of dozens of movies, overlaying the Dire Straits song “Walk of Life” to brilliant effect.

I think it works quite well for House of Cards, if I do say so myself. Again, I cannot stress strongly enough that if you click play you’re about to watch the last few minutes of House of Cards. But if you’ve already seen it or you’re not a big dumb baby about spoilers, watch away.


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