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This week's round-up of time capsule news includes some freshly buried capsules stuffed with cellphones, hair products and booze; some recently unearthed capsules that are so waterlogged they probably should've just stayed in the ground; and the hunt for quite a few capsules that have gone missing.

Disgusting, Waterlogged Time Capsule Dug Up In Ohio

A time capsule from 1978 with considerable water damage was dug up in New Paris, Ohio this past week. About 100 former students of National Trail High School gathered to watch the leaky time capsule (which was actually an old water heater) be opened, but the entire affair was ruined by the cruel march of time. The now-wet and disgusting capsule contained dozens of items, including a disgusting pair of jeans, a disgusting American flag, a disgusting tampon, and a disgusting "Best of Deep Purple" record. The people who unearthed this disgusting monstrosity want to put some of the items on display for at least a year — sorry, a disgusting year. [Pal-Item]


School Races To Find Two Lost Time Capsules Before Building Is Demolished

An elementary school in Lansing, Michigan is using "advanced metal detecting equipment" to search for a couple of time capsules that were buried between 20 and 25 years ago. The school is set for demolition soon and they're searching desperately for the time capsules before the building is destroyed and the land is handed over. []

Ventura, California Time Capsule Needs Your Help

Organizers in Ventura, California are reaching out to anybody with connections to the city for help in determining what will go inside their new time capsule. Ventura City Hall is celebrating 100 years of existence this summer and since everybody loves big round-numbered anniversaries, they figured a fresh time capsule was in order. The new time capsule will be buried next to one that was sealed in 1976 for America's Bicentennial and another from the city of San Buenaventura. The kind of contributions that Ventura is looking for can be found at the town's website. [NBC Los Angeles]


Hospital Time Capsule Gets Modern Tech (If You Consider Blackberrys Modern)

A hospital in Buffalo, New York recently sealed a cornerstone time capsule which included some of the modern tech that commenters here suggested last week. They sealed up some unnamed cellphones, a Blackberry, and a USB drive, among other boilerplate items like photographs and hospital documents. The time capsule is scheduled to be opened in 2063, at which point I'm sure Buffaltonians of the future will just plug that USB drive into their neck port and download the information. Just kidding. It'll probably look like a paper-tape computer to people of the future and they'll probably just toss it in the garbage. [WKBW]


Salvation Army Loses Time Capsule With Ronald Reagan Letter

The Salvation Army in High Point, North Carolina have sadly lost their time capsule from 1988. The problem seems to be that the original above-ground marker for the time capsule was moved, making it difficult to figure out where it might be hiding. After getting tuckered out digging by hand, they've taken to digging holes with a rented auger around their property, based on tips from "eye witnesses" to the capsule's burial. The capsule includes a signed letter from President Ronald Reagan, a signed letter from Rep. Howard Coble, and some other Salvation Army artifacts from the 1980s. [WFMY]


Researchers in Montana Bury Coins, Water Samples and a Bottle of Scotch

Researchers at a biology lab in Montana have sealed a time capsule with scientific reports and some water samples which will hopefully be found by scientists of the future. They also included some coins and a bottle of scotch — items which might come in handy should the capsule be found in a dystopian Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse style wasteland. [Montana Public Radio]


Massachusetts Town Crowdsources The Hunt For Their Lost 1963 Capsule

Officials in Medway, Massachusetts have taken to social media in the hunt for a time capsule that was buried in 1963. The director of the Department of Public Services brought in ground-penetrating radar in the search for the missing capsule, but since they're come up empty-handed they've turned to Facebook for help. One theory from local residents is that it was already dug up in the 1980s or '90s, but the town still holds out hope that this ground-based time traveler will be found. [Milford Daily News]


Canadian Arts Centre To Open Mystery Capsule From 1913

A time capsule from 1913 will be opened in Alberta, Canada this August at the Red Brick Arts Centre in Edson. No one knows yet what's inside the 100-year-old time capsule, but if it's anything like Canadian time capsule mysteries of years past we can expect a riveting "who's that" search aided by national TV coverage. The opening ceremony for the 1913 time capsule will take place on August 31, 2013. A new time capsule will be sealed and put in its place. [Edson Leader]


Strip Mall Buries Dollar Store Time Traveler

Retail developers in the town of Norwich, Connecticut buried a 20-year time capsule yesterday in a ceremony opening up their new strip mall or "plaza." The time capsule contains items from every retailer at the Norwich mall, including Stop & Shop grocery store, Dress Barn, Fancy Nails, Hair Cuttery, Dollar Tree, Lucky House Chinese restaurant, Pet Sense, and Big Lots. The time capsule is scheduled to be opened in the year 2033. [The Day]


Proctor and Gamble Puts Beauty Products in Vault

P&G is compiling a time capsule that they say will live in their company vault for 25 years before being unsealed. People had the opportunity this week to vote via Facebook for which of their favorite P&G health and beauty products will go inside. Voting closed yesterday but I can't wait to see what products will be delivered to people of the future who will no doubt find our beauty products primitive, quaint and maybe even a little horrifying. [The Every Girl]


Image: Screenshot from the time capsule episode of NBC's Parks & Recreation television program

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