This Week in Time Capsules: Burned Bibles, Bubbly Beer and Braggarts

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This week's time capsule round-up includes an arson investigation that turned up a Jazz Age time capsule, a beer keg filled with kids' predictions for the future, and a town of retirees that must be worried paperweights could become extinct.


The one thing that I was expecting to find this week but didn't? A royal baby time capsule! People love to commemorate big events with time capsules. And since my television kept insisting that the birth of this baby was indeed a big event, (despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary), I was expecting news of at least one royal baby time capsule. If you spot one, please let me know!

Arson Investigation Uncovers Time Capsule in Burned Down High School

Investigators looking into a fire that destroyed a high school in Robertson County, Kentucky have discovered a time capsule from 1927. Sadly, many of the items were damaged in the fire, but you can still read some of the newspapers that were stuffed inside. [LEX18]

Florida Town Seals Time Capsule with Paperweights, Braggart's Article About Retirement

Not all time capsules have to be buried. The town of Tamarac, Florida decided to seal their time capsule and place it in the lobby of their community center, where retirees of the year 2038 will find some high-tech communications devices of the year 2013 — along with a handy tool for holding down paper if your office is windy or something.

The Tamarac capsule includes dozens of items, including a license plate, phone books, newspapers, "million year old" fossil shells, smartphones, a Forbes article from 2011 that named Tamarac one of the best suburbs in the U.S. in which to retire, and at least two paperweights. The new time capsule will also contain items from a 1987 time capsule, helping push it further into the future. [Tamarac Talk]

New Zealand Time Capsule Contains Kids' Predictions for the Future (Welded Into Beer Keg)


A 100-year time capsule was recently sealed in New Zealand, containing some newspapers, a bottle of single malt whiskey, and about 600 cards written by kids with messages to the future. Continuing the alcohol-theme of this youth-oriented time capsule, the items have been welded into a beer keg.

Kids wrote about their predictions for flying cars, told stories about the latest video game consoles, mentioned their favorite sports, wondered why magic wasn't real, and described how they really wanted to visit the Playboy Mansion. You should definitely click through to read some of the kids' cards. They're everything you could hope for when you ask kids to talk to the future. []


Minneapolis Art Fair Time Capsule Is For The Birds

A fifty-year time capsule was sealed last weekend at the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis. When the good people of 2063 crack open the bright blue tube, they'll find a library card, some newspapers, and a ceramic owl. Hoo knows what the neighborhood will look like by then, amirite? [MinnPost]


Time Capsule Typo Tosses Town Into Tizzy

As we've seen, many time capsules aren't opened on their scheduled date. Sometimes, they're opened way too soon, while other times they're forgotten or lost and sit waiting for future generations. But what happens when your intended time capsule opening date is actually a historical math error? Officials in Logan, Ohio buried a time capsule in 1988 to commemorate the town turning 150 years old. They placed a marker notifying the capsule curious of the future to dig it up in 2038. The only problem is that the town won't actually celebrate its 200th birthday until 2039. [Logan Daily]


Illinois Time Capsule Delivers Animal Stickers to the Year 2028

Organizers of the Chicago-area Lake County Fair sealed and buried a time capsule on Wednesday which is scheduled to be opened in the year 2028. About forty items were stuffed into the metal cylinder after suggestions for its contents were taken through social media and by phone. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that the capsule includes some fair ribbons, brochures, and animal stickers. Precisely which animals were featured on said stickers could not be confirmed by presstime. [Chicago Daily Herald]


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I wonder why they always get kids to do the time capsule thing. If it was me doing one, I'd find the oldest friggin' codgers I could and get them to distill the wisdom of long living into something that would hopefully transcend the "what's important in 100 years" barrier.