This week's time capsule news round-up includes a new capsule in Dubai for the 2020 World's Fair, a capsule from the 1990s that will probably make you feel old, and a recent discovery in Wyoming that proves you should always check behind the cornerstone.

Construction Crew in Wyoming Surprised to Discover 1965 Time Capsule

A time capsule from 1965 was recently discovered at a former library in Cody, Wyoming. The building is being turned into a pizza restaurant and construction crews found the '60s era copper box behind the cornerstone during renovations. The box included plenty of the usual suspects: including some old coins, rare medallions, and a sheet of signatures from the local Masons. The library sat vacant for years, but it really goes to show: you should always check behind the cornerstone. [Cody Enterprise]


Kid Finds 1998 Time Capsule (Which Was Sealed Before He Was Born)

A young kid in Pelham, New York found a 1998 time capsule in his family's house this week while a frozen sink pipe was being repaired. The capsule was likely compiled by a daughter of the previous owner of the home and contains letters, photographs and a copy of the 1995 book Moo by Jane Smiley.


The late 1990s may not seem like ancient history to most of us. But 1998 probably feels ancient when you were born in the 2000s, as the kid who found it โ€” little Jack Lunz โ€” most certainly was. Our young time capsule hero plans on putting the time capsule back in its place, and creating a new one of his own. Which seems like a mighty fine time capsule philosophy to us. [Colonial School Times]

Dubai News Org Plans 7-Year Capsule for 2020 World's Fair

And speaking of short time capsules, the Dubai news organization 7 Days in Dubai is creating a time capsule to celebrate the fact that Dubai will host the 2020 World's Expo. The site plans on including 20 items, which they'll lock away for just seven years.


Time capsules with such a short internment generally have a bad reputation as being silly and unnecessary. But given the high-tech gadgets and fashion-centric items they're considering, the capsule's short internment may actually make sense. Blackberrys, iPads and rent checks could easily become hilariously dated antiques in Dubai by 2020. Those knock-off designer purses they're considering, however? Timeless. [7 Days in Dubai]

Photograph: Blackberry via Getty Images