This Week in Time Capsules: Hot Dogs, Elephants, and a First-Gen iPhone

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This week in our time capsule news round-up Harvard buries a first-gen iPhone, an animal park in the UK hopes to raise awareness about elephants, and the Sunshine State seals dozens of capsules in celebration of Florida's "discovery" 500 years ago.

Harvard Seals Capsule With Coke Zero, First-Generation iPhone

Harvard's Anthropology Department created a time capsule yesterday that's scheduled to be opened in 100 years. The capsule contains everything from an empty can of Coke Zero to a "used" Post-It note pad, along with plenty of Harvard ephemera. They even included a first-generation iPhone, which will no doubt perplex the good people of 2113. "You mean people in the year 2013 didn't even have thought transference?" We had to iPhone uphill both ways, grandson. Uphill both ways. [The Harvard Crimson]


Coney Island Time Capsule Is a Shining Example For the Capsule Community

The Coney Island YMCA recently made a time capsule and included some pretty cool artifacts: sand from the beach, a baseball and bobblehead from the minor league Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team, a menu from Nathan's, and even a piece of the Coney Island Boardwalk. There were, of course, some relatively boring staples too—like newspapers and such—but this is a great example of a well-rounded capsule. It reflects the local community and hopefully won't bore the future to tears. [Brooklyn Daily]

Elephant Time Capsule Buried To Raise Awareness

An animal park in the UK is building a time capsule as part of a campaign to raise awareness about the plight of elephants. Poaching and habitat destruction have devastated the world's elephant population, and the Knowsley Safari Park hopes to raise awareness today, but also for generations to come. The capsule is reported to include photographs, kids' illustrations and poetry, most of which we can assume will be elephant related. The large red-and-white canister will be buried at the park, but there's no word on if it has a scheduled opening date. [ITV and Click Liverpool]


Floridians Preparing Time Capsules For "Viva Florida 500"

To honor the 500-year anniversary of Florida's "discovery," various organizations around the state are building time capsules which are set be open at different years. The St. Johns County Public Library, for instance, is preparing one which will be opened in 2065. Leon County's capsule is slated to be opened in 110 years. The Holmes County Library's capsule is less ambitious—their capsule is scheduled to be opened in just 10 years.


The organization in charge of Viva Florida 500 is encouraging anyone who creates a time capsule to register theirs with the state through this online form. This gives each capsule the best chance that anyone will find it in the future. Because even time capsules with relatively short target dates often go missing. [Viva Florida and and ChipleyPaper]


Photo: Steve Jobs with a first generation iPhone in 2007 via Getty Images


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Someday, this thing will be so common you're going to bury them for fun.

That and thrash them 2 years after you buy them. That planned obsolesce won't disappear.