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This week we have senior pranks, important lessons in disappointment taught through the magic of time capsule, and a long-shot to Mars.


Raising $30 million to send a time capsule to Mars

Ever dreamt of sending a time capsule to Mars? No? Well, soon you might be able to do it anyway! Maybe.


The idea is pretty straightforward: a group led by Duke University student Emily Briere is trying to crowdfund a $30 million trip to Mars. They want to shoot a tiny satellite all the way to the red planet and plan on including a hard drive time capsule. The drive will contain photos submitted by the public — anybody can pay a buck to include theirs on this strange distant journey. The project is slightly more ambitious than the plan to put an sports drink on the moon, but will it actually work?

Even if the plan somehow gets funded, one can't help but wonder how the Martians are supposed to read the hard drives we're sending up. Because as everyone knows, most of the aliens on Mars don't have Macbooks. [Time Capsule to Mars via Motherboard]

Wisconsin town finally just takes a power-saw to two capsules that won't open

As promised last week, two time capsules were recently opened in Niagara, Wisconsin. One capsule was sealed in 1964, while the other was compiled in 1989. Both capsules were soldered shut, and though it took a while to saw them open, the contents of both were surprisingly well preserved. Frankly, they weren't terribly interesting — mostly photos, letters and pamphlets — but there were enough people there who had personal connections to the small town and the items inside that it was no doubt exciting for everyone present. [Fox 11]


Senior prank? Time capsule? Or both?

The "senior prank" is one of those dumb remnants of the 20th century high school experience. But one senior class in Tennessee is hoping to change that with their plans to create a time capsule in lieu of senior pranks this year. We'll see how they go, but something tells me the assembly of the capsule could be a prank in itself. Long-term senior pranks executed through time capsules? Now that's something I can get behind. [The Tennesseean]


100-year-old capsule goes on display in Oklahoma City

The contents of a time capsule from 1913 went on display this week in Oklahoma City. That capsule made our Top 10 Time Capsules of 2013 list for having some incredibly cool items, including an Edison Gramaphone. Any time capsule nerds interested in seeing what was inside can head down to the Oklahoma History Center. [News On 6]


Time capsule in Maryland provides good life lesson about disappointment

A fire department in Kensington, Maryland cracked open a time capsule from 1953 last weekend, with everyone on the edge of their seats. There was a lot of speculation about what might be inside. Was it something valuable? Dozens of gold bars perhaps? Not quite.


Sadly, boringness strikes again. "Not exactly as exciting as everyone expected," the local news reported. It was a list of names and a couple of photos. Oh, and a badge of some sort.

As time capsules teach us over and over again, never get your hopes up. About anything. Ever. Have a lovely weekend, all! [MyFox DC]


Image: Mars vehicle concept by F. Mier Hicks for Time Capsule to Mars


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