This Week in Time Capsules: They Lost a Capsule, But Found Each Other

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Today in our time capsule news round-up we have a mystery time capsule from 1927, some ideas for building your own back-to-school capsule, and former classmates in Connecticut who went looking for a time capsule but wound up finding each other. They didn't find the capsule though. It's nice they found each other, but I was really hoping they'd find the capsule. They didn't though. No capsule. Just each other.


Mysterious "OPEN HERE" Capsule From 1927 Will Be Opened This Sunday

This week, construction workers tearing up some old steps at a church in Jonesboro, Arkansas discovered a large hollow block with the words "OPEN HERE" and "5-19-27" scrawled in the concrete. Church officials there think it very possibly could be a time capsule. And who knows what's inside!

"Some people think there may be something mysterious in it, or maybe it's gold!" senior pastor John Miles told the local ABC affiliate.

Well, the pastor may be a little optimistic if he thinks there's gold in them there capsules. But you never know! I've been watching American time capsules long enough to know that 9 out of 10 will have the basics: some newspapers, probably a bible, a few coins and maybe a letter to the future. But that tenth time capsule — that time capsule with something really weird or valuable — that's what we live for. Tune in next week (or, I guess, go to the First Methodist Episcopal Church in Jonesboro this Sunday) to find out what's inside! [KATV]

Lost American Bicentennial Time Capsule Brings Old Classmates Together

Thanks to a Facebook group and faint memories of a time capsule buried in 1976 (for the American Bicentennial) a group of old elementary school classmates reconnected this week. Former students of the Gales Ferry School in Ledyard, Connecticut coordinated a time to get together via the old Facebook machine and went out searching for the capsule with metal detector in tow. Unfortunately it was nowhere be found.


But, as The Day reports, despite failing to find the time capsule ultimately they found each other. Again, no time capsule. But they found each other. Like in the emotional and physical sense. Each other. No time capsule. Just each other. [The Day]

Catholic Capsule Contains Coins

This seems to be the week for church time capsule discoveries, as St. Peter's Catholic Church in Lowville, New York cracked open a capsule from 1928. The contents of the 85-year-old capsule were in pretty rough shape, with water taking its toll on the various newspapers and letters from the past. But some coins and religious medals seem to be doing just fine and they're making every effort to dry out the paper in order to put as much as possible on display.


Mention of "religious medals" reminds me of the St. Christopher medal my grandmother gave me when I was a kid. I think it was of St. Christopher playing hockey. Which is a bit confusing because I thought Old St. Chris was the patron saint of travelers or something. Either way, it was a pretty sweet medal. Though I think any future time capsules with Catholic medals should probably have one of Saint Isidore of Seville, the patron saint of the internet. Just a little idea for my internet friends who may be Catholic capsule connoisseurs. [Watertown Daily News]

1915 Capsule From The Land of 10,000 Lakes To Be Opened Tomorrow

The town of Kenyon, Minnesota will open a time capsule tomorrow which dates back to 1915. Apparently the capsule was saved from a building in town that was recently demolished, and people in town will now get a chance to take a peek at its contents. The capsule will be opened at the First Lutheran Church after the afternoon's Rose Fest parade, but there's no indication what Kenyon's "forefathers" may have packed in the capsule. [Kenyon Leader]


Make Your Own Back to School Time Capsule!

Lots of kids are gearing up for heading back to school soon and if you have kids it's a great time to build a time capsule with them. Mariah over at Giggles Galore has some tips on making your own back-to-school time capsule. Of course, with the capsule being little more than a cardboard box, this isn't something you'll want to plant in the ground. But since there are no rules for time capsules, there's nothing wrong with putting your back-to-school time traveling box in the back of a closet or something. Have fun out there kids. [Living Locurto]


Image: screenshot from KATV ABC-7 in Arkansas



I live in Jonesboro and sometimes it can get boring here. So I'm hoping the time capsule is more like a Pandora's box or demon trap, just so I can test my holy terror attack survival skills.