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This week in our time capsule round-up we have reminder after reminder that burying things in the ground is the absolute worst way to preserve something for the future. Oh, and also zombies.

High school kids confuse people of the future with Zombie Prom capsule

If I were a betting man, I'd wager that the future will be pretty damn confused about our zombie obsession. A group of high school kids in Grandview, Missouri buried a time capsule this week with a wide assortment of items, including a diploma, some hats, and a program from the school's musical, titled... "Zombie Prom."


The future would probably be confused by this decade's obsession with all things zombie. But they probably won't learn much about it form this particular capsule. As you can see from the video, it's nowhere near air-tight. It looks like a plastic garbage can with one of those loose-fitting lids. That thing's going to be a flooded mess inside of a year. RIP Zombie Prom. [Fox4KC]

Waterlogged 1920s time capsule discovered in Buffalo

A copper box time capsule from 1920 was recently discovered underneath a statue at SUNY Buffalo State. Unfortunately, the capsule had significant damage, even though art conservationists at the school insist it was sealed properly. Inside they found a soggy 48-star American flag, a soggy book, and plenty of other soggy pamphlets and documents. The soggy contents will be on display at the school until April 18. RIP Buffalo. [Buffalo State Record]

Argentina cracks open 1921 Columbus statue capsule in pristine condition

A time capsule from 1921 (picture above) was discovered below an enormous statue of Christopher Columbus this week in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The capsule included pretty standard fare: coins, paper money, newspapers, and books. There are also reports that there may have found two rolls of film. Exciting, if true, though probably useless if they haven't already been processed.


All the items were in fantastic condition, unlike Buffalo's capsule from the same era. You can watch video of the time capsule opening at Taringa. Apparently they found the time capsule because they were removing the Columbus monument and sending it to the city of Mar del Plata. RIP statues. []

Girl Scouts open time capsule from 2004 and it's a soggy mess

A group of former girl scouts in Hannibal, Missouri opened a time capsule last weekend that they had created a decade earlier. Unfortunately, it was a flooded mess. In fact, almost everything was too waterlogged to properly parse. Everything from the scrapbooks to the Christmas ornaments were a total loss. Only some waterproof badges and a pen were relatively unharmed.


Putting things in the ground is literally the worst thing you can do with something you'd like to preserve for the future. Why do we keep doing it? Who knows. But if you're going to do it, make sure you use a rigid, air-tight container. RIP 2004. [Hannibal Courier-Post]

Kids in UK bury predictions for the year 2114

Kids at Stowlawn elementary school in the UK buried a time capsule this week containing their predictions for what the world of 2114 will look like. Sadly, the local news didn't report on what the predictions may have actually been, so it looks like we'll have to wait 100 years to find out, assuming they buried the time capsule securely enough, which of course as we've seen there's practically no way that they did, oh well.


That said, if the predictions do survive and are anything like other predictions from today, rest assured they'll be a weird mixture of youthful optimism and apocalyptic destruction. RIP predictions. [Birmingham Mail]

Photo: 1921 time capsule in Argentina being opened via Clarin


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