Tonight's Episode of The Goldbergs is All About Hoverboard Promises

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Were you one of those kids who saw Robert Zemeckis insist that hoverboards were real back in 1989? Then tonight's episode of the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs is for you. In the episode Adam wants to come up with a cool explanation for how he broke his arm, so he decides that he'll tell people he was riding a hoverboard. The only problem: They don't exist yet.

Back in 1989 director Robert Zemeckis, the director of Back to the Future II, actually insisted on TV that hoverboards were real. He said that over-protective parents' groups had banned them from stores. This real life piece of 1980s media history is the jumping off point for tonight's episode.

Adults watching at home in 1989 could tell that Zemeckis was joking. But if you were just a kid, there's a good chance that you believed it. Or at the very least, wanted to believe it.


A preview of tonight's episode is below:

Amazingly, I used to get emails all the time from now-grown people who remembered these promises from childhood and weren't sure what to make of them. An entire generation of kids grew up not only wishing they could one day ride a hoverboard, but many thought they already existed. Damn you, Zemeckis!

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