US Government Says Time Capsule Coins Weren't Stolen From Them In 1901

Illustration for article titled US Government Says Time Capsule Coins Werent Stolen From Them In 1901

“There is nothing connecting these coins to any theft from the Mint,” U.S. Mint spokesman Adam Stump told SF Gate. “We’ve done quite a bit of research, and we’ve got a crack team of lawyers, and trust me, if this was U.S. government property we’d be going after it.”


Well, so much for that theory.

The San Francisco Chronicle points to other evidence that may show Walter N. Dimmick's 1901 heist had nothing to do with the recent discovery in Northern California. But you don't need much more evidence. If there was even a sliver of a chance that the coins (now valued at about $10 million) could be recovered by the government they'd be all over that.


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