Utopias, Ranked

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There are all kinds of different utopian visions in the world. But which ones are the best? Today we have the definitive (and comprehensive) list of utopias ranked from least amazing to most amazing.


30. Immortality utopia

29. Meal-in-a-pill utopia

28. Vaping utopia

27. Game of Thrones but nobody has swords utopia

26. Bitcoin utopia

25. Like Uber but for making America a meritocracy utopia

24. Dogecoin utopia

23. That Twilight Zone episode where he finally has time to read all the books utopia

22. Driverless car utopia

21. Car-less utopia

20. Breakfast in bed utopia

19. Everybody has a Minnesota accent but they have no idea utopia

18. War is illegal utopia

17. Fruitopia utopia

16. 20-hour work week utopia

15. 20-hour orgasm utopia

14. Robot servant utopia

13. That Shirley Jackson story you had to read in middle school where someone got rocks thrown at them or something utopia

12. Flying car utopia

11. Montana cabin secessionist utopia

10. Moon colony utopia

9. Texas cabin secessionist utopia

8. Jetpack utopia

7. Normcore is a word that was never coined utopia

6. Pizza is good for you utopia

5. The Matrix is real utopia

4. Seasteading utopia

3. Sexbots but not like creepy sexbots just like they made them all advanced now and stuff utopia


2. Mars colony utopia

1. Puppies can talk but they hardly ever tell you how cripplingly depressed they actually are utopia


Image: 1977 illustration by Rick Guidice scanned from the book Yesterday's Tomorrows



You missed "1. The Jetsons is real."