What if Google is Building WALL-E Robots Under the Name "By And Large"

In one of the weirdest stories of the week, it looks like Google is building something super-secret near Treasure Island, just off the coast of San Francisco. And boy is it big!

When CNET reporters went down there to investigate they learned that a company called "By and Large LLC" was the newest tenant. Is this a shell company set up by Google to work on something in secret? Could the name be an homage to the fictional company Buy N Large from the 2008 Pixar film WALL-E? And if so, should we be at all concerned?


Only time will tell. But if Google has plans to set up an artificial island nation in international waters, I'd say the least they can do is build us a WALL-E or two to help clean up the mess we've been left with here on land.

Though I'm sure if Google is building WALL-E, Apple's EVE shouldn't be too far behind.


What the Hell Is Google Building On This Massive Barge?

Cnet reports that Google is building something super secret—and super huge—on a barge that's floating in the San Francisco Bay. What the hell is this thing?

According to Cnet, the structure stands four stories tall and is floating on a large barge in the San Francisco Bay, just off shore from Treasure Island. It's made out of a series of shipping containers. Cnet speculates that inside these containers, Google is building a prototype for a floating data center—which makes a lot of sense, because using sea water to cool data centers could potentially save the company a bucket of money.


Google, of course, hasn't responded to any requests for comment about the structure, but Cnet links it pretty conclusively to the company with some digging. The structure is floating on a barge that's parked next to a hanger on Treasure Island, which is leased to a shell company called By and Large LLC—which Cnet thinks belongs to Google. How they g0t there, though, is a pretty impressive bit of reporting. Be sure to check out the full report. [Cnet]

Image via James Martin/CNET