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Who Drew This Futuristic Space Picture From the 1960s?

Illustration for article titled Who Drew This Futuristic Space Picture From the 1960s?

I need your help. Yes, you. I can’t figure out who drew this futuristic picture of two astronauts sometime in the 1960s. And it’s driving me nuts.


Here’s what I know:

  • I found it on the back page of the first issue of Space Horizons magazine from 1965.
  • There’s no signature or copyright notice of any kind.
  • There are a handful of stock image houses that offer a black-and-white version of the illustration, but they don’t give any clues about who created it.
  • The design of the futuristic spacesuits share certain bubble qualities with other visions of the day, like in the books Exploring Space (1958) a Little Golden Book, and Rockets to Explore the Unknown (1964), illustrated by George Bakacs.

Normally I’m pretty good at tracking down illustrators. The first reason is that most of the images I blog about on Paleofuture come from my deadtree collection, and I scan them myself. Typically magazines are pretty good about giving illustrators credit in some form.

The second reason I’m pretty good at tracking down illustrators is because technology has made it really damn easy. Tools like Google’s Reverse Image Search let anyone find where else a given photo or drawing might be online. So I guess I’m not so much “good” at tracking down illustrators as tremendously fortunate to live in an era when technology usually makes it really easy.

I hate giving you, dear readers, a homework assignment. But I’m stumped on this one. Any ideas about who drew this gorgeous retro-space picture are appreciated in the comments.


Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog

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The lack of signatures/copyright suggests a NASA in-house source. What about Renato Moncini or Albert Lane?