You Can Buy This Piece of The Berlin Wall Signed By President Reagan

A piece of the Berlin Wall signed by President Ronald Reagan, available for auction later this month (Christie’s)

Christie’s is hosting an auction of President Ronald Reagan’s personal items later this month online from September 19-28th. And there are some genuinely interesting pieces of history for sale. And some rather goofy ones. On the serious side, take this piece of the Berlin Wall, signed by President Reagan himself.

Granted, this artifact of the Cold War isn’t cheap. The Christie’s catalogue currently estimates that the item will go for somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000. But it’s kind of amazing that it’s for sale at all.


Is the Berlin Wall not your thing? How about this football?

A football owned by President Ronald Reagan, available for auction later this month (Christie’s)

Yep, that really does say “Win One for the Gipper” on it. And for all you kids out there who might not know what the hell that means, it’s a reference to President Reagan’s 1940 movie Knute Rockne, All American, where the former actor played a football star. Reagan became known as “The Gipper” during his presidential campaign, helping blur the line between Hollywood and Washington more than once during Reagan’s presidency.

Is a football still not your thing? Then why not buy a book owned by President Reagan himself?

Two of Ronald Reagan’s books which will go up for auction (Christie’s)

There are quite a few books to choose from. Like Reagan’s personal copy of Ayn Rand’s 1944 book The Fountainhead, seen on the left. It’s a first edition, and as the auction catalogue notes, Reagan called himself an “admirer of Ayn Rand” in a 1966 letter he wrote. The Rand book is expected to fetch between $400 to $600.


Or if children’s fantasy books aren’t your cup of tea, how about Reagan’s copy of the 1944 book Night Unto Night, made into a 1949 film starring Reagan and Viveca Landors? It’ll probably set you back about $300 to $500.

Still not enticed? Well, let me try one last thing that’s up for auction. What if I told you that you could be the proud owner of something that regularly touched Ronald Reagan’s butt? I thought you might be interested.

A pair of American “Seniah” armchairs owned by the Reagans, up for auction later this month (Christie’s)

Yes, these Seniah chairs, designed by William Haines, were in the White House during Ronald Reagan’s time in office. As you can see from the photo below, President Reagan and Nancy would enjoy a private dinner (with the White House photographer, of course) while sitting on them. The chairs are estimated to go for about $1,500 as a pair. Which is practically a steal if you’re a diehard Reagan fan.

President and Mrs. Reagan having dinner on TV trays while sitting in their Seniah armchairs on November 6, 1981 (Ronald Reagan Library)

There are hundreds of items that are going up for auction, so feel free to peruse at your leisure, but I must say that if none of the things I selected look interesting to you, don’t waste your time.


Buy one for the Gipper.

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